Our Latest Clients

Our reputation comes from the artists we work with andthe records made in our studios


We Have Recorded More than 1000 artists

Our twenty years of music experience in a variety of styles

We Worked With

  • Christina Novelli
  • Deadmau5
  • Bo Bruce
  • Sean Ensign (#9 UK Club Charts)
  • Karen Danzig
  • Taya Cade
  • Jill Criscuolo
  • Ira Losco
  • Matthew James
  • Errol (Airport Impressions)
  • Airy Jeanine
  • Kurt Calleja
  • Firelight
  • JJoy
  • Joseph Armani
  • Niki Gravino
  • Karin Duff
  • Kristina Casolani
  • Screamdaisy
  • DAN
  • Chiara
  • Brandie Black
  • Mykill
  • Brendan Jackson
  • Aaron Benjamin
  • Richard Edwards
  • Brooke
  • Juno Valdez
  • Todamusica
  • Flashblack
  • The Crowns
  • Odessa Green
  • Matte Black
  • Clifford Borg
  • Alvin G
  • Cheryl
  • Deborah C
  • The Myth
  • Robert Galea
  • Adie
  • Thomas Hedley
  • Janvil
  • The New Harmonics
  • Matt Funk
  • Lyndsey
  • Clintess
  • Stefan Varga
  • 8 Ugly
  • and loads more

Productions for Movie and Documentary Scores & Soundtracks

  • 2017 – Mad Max (sequence)
  • 2017 – Macbeth (sequence)
  • 2015 – War on Malta (BBC)
  • 2008 – The Wreck Detectives (UK)
  • 2006 – Tribute to Rocky (Germany)
  • 2005 – Angli (Germany/Malta)
  • 2005 – The George Cross (The 2nd World War on Malta)

Performances alongside Avicii, Deadmau5, Faithless, Seb Fontain, Armin Van Burren, Chicane, David Guetta, Hernan Cattaneo, Sister Bliss, Dubfire and many more

Performances on Television programs, including MTV Europe The Dance Floor Charts, BBC, and Top local Programs

Ad’s/Jingles and Movie Clip’s - Coca Cola, Vodafone, Arrivia, Melita, Melita Mobile, G7, Radisson Blu, Henry J Beans, Hilton, Paq Paq, Kilo Challenge, Miss Italia, Bay Radio, Stargate Studios, Calypso Radio, Chemimart and more

What the Reviews Say

I still remember Toby sending me his track for me to write the top-liners on. Every part of the track injected me with inspiration, and the melodies and words just flowed! ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down’ was born 😀 This guy is the real deal! <3 Respect Toby!

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Matthew James

Great producer and friendly to work with. Toby has a professional work ethic and understands what the Artist wants. Highly recommended.

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Rikki Scicluna (aka Ricky Lee)
Singer/Music Producer

Best producer and musical mind I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Toby coached me on our first (and my very first) music track together and turned it into a masterpiece. I have seen how he works with other various artists and truly never disappoints, while fully producing unique, catchy tracks in a very timely manner. His major connections in the industry are a huge plus for artists who are looking to grow in the right direction! Fully recommend *****

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Brandie Black

Amazing experience and highly professional. Truly recommend working with Tobymusic Productions.

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Clinton Paul Cilia (aka Clintess)

Top notch and very detailed oriented.. his professionality definitely reflects his passion for music and producing!

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Rob M

Top Producer.

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Andrew Martin

The greatest of greatest producers. Amazing job. couldn’t be happier with the experience that I had, such an honor to work with you tobymusic productions.
Truly Recommend

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Filippa Alexandra Xuereb

When you work with Toby you are not working with someone who just has a studio and you aren’t working with someone who just knows one genre really well but got stuck in it, you are working with someone who was a long haired drummer in a rock band, who moved into DJing and production and made his bones there over many years of releasing his own works – someone who jetties back and forth playing gigs across Europe & someone who earned his stripes with the likes of Sony BMG. you are working with someone who is a master of his art. you are working with an artist!

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Marilyn Formosa

Worked on a couple of tracks in this production studio and the environment was amazing.Toby is easy to work with compared to other producers I’ve experienced in the past. He knows what he want and knows how to get it. He is also well informed musically and no matter what genre you’re recording I’m sure he has had the pleasure of messing with it in the past. Over all an awesome place with a cool vibe.

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Noor Abuhmeda

I have worked with Toby on a first ever song a few weeks ago and it has been a very enjoyable experience. Toby listens to what I need and looks for in regards to sound and goes above and beyond when it comes to song production and lyrics. He doesn’t rush you, makes sure you are comfortable and sound your best. The don’t is recorded and it takes as long as it needs to have all material needed. His pricing is also transparent so there aren’t any surprises. Thanks Toby, looking forward to our next hit!

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Štefan Varga

5 star ! Best Service in music production and mastering services

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Steven Psaila
Music Produce/DJ

Professional and top quality!

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Incredible welcome! super understanding and attentive! he is super professional! if you need to record music I recommend you

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Yoann Vogelbach
Rap Artist

Well Done Top

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Aaron Muscat